MCC Global Cancer Research Retreat

On November 16, 2022, the Institute for Global Cancer Prevention Research (IGCPR) in partnership with the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota hosted a Global Cancer Research Retreat. 

The attendees also discussed the future of MCC’s global cancer research, including ways to improve the coordination of research activities, consolidate resources, and make the University of Minnesota into a recognized global cancer research hub.

Click on the links to access videos from the retreat!

The event was led by the Institute's Director, Dr. Irina Stepanov.  The retreat featured seven presentations, and had 36 attendees. Speakers included: 


Dr. Ben Anderson from the World Health Organization (WHO) who discussed breast cancer oncology and resource-stratified breast cancer screening for limited resource settings;

Ben Anderson

Dr. Neal Palafox from the University of Hawaii who shared about community-based research ethics and cultural awareness in research, specifically in indigenous and Pacific Islander communities; 

Neal Palafox

Dr. Satish Gopal, who spoke about NCI global initiatives within NCI affiliated cancer centers; 

Satish Gopal

Dr. Todd Tuttle, a University of Minnesota physician, shared his work with fellowship programs for breast cancer focused practitioners and researchers in Honduras; 

Todd Tuttle

Dr. Rahel Ghebre talked about her fellowship programs in Uganda and Kenya, specifically within the continuum of care for cervical cancer; 

Rahel Ghebre

Dr. Samir Khariwala discussed his work with Professor Irina Stepanov, IGCPR’s founder, in India for the treatment and prevention of tobacco related head, neck, and throat cancers;

Samir Khariwala

IGCPR’s graduate assistant, Sophie Zielke, related information gathered from a survey IGCPR conducted for MCC members about global cancer research and support. Additional details of this survey will be included in IGCPR’s annual report.

Sophia Zielke